Laura Flanders Show: Divest to Decolonize

Laura Flanders Show: Divest to Decolonize

November 25, 2018

At the traditional start of the holiday season, many in the US come together with family and friends to celebrate and give thanks. Though for indigenous peoples around the world perhaps apologies, even recompense, would be more in order. We hear from Native American activists Michelle Cook and Hartman Deetz about the ongoing struggle for…

Democratic Governance is Becoming Discredited

November 28, 2011

Tom Ferguson: The two major parties have next to no relationship to the population, it is a deeply corrupt discussion

Does Smaller Government Create More Jobs?

November 25, 2011

Bob Pollin: There is no evidence that austerity and cuts to social programs creates jobs

The Super Committee and the Attack on Labor

November 21, 2011

Michael Hudson: Austerity and recession used to lower wages