Richard D. Wolff

Economic Update: Hidden Failures of Capitalism

August 13, 2018

This week: Updates on Europe’s higher labor force participation; NY Governor Cuomo’s campaign is faking “small donations;” U.S. restaurants decline as pinched incomes force home delivery of food; how the “market” housing system causes homelessness; and how the U.S. educational system fails to overcome a racial wealth gap; Interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad on the…

Economic Update: Millennials for Revolution

July 23, 2018

This week: Updates on how Trump’s tariffs are affecting Americans jobs; shifting capitalist alliances don’t change the system; the Irish parliament’s decision to stop investing in fossil fuels; how Washington state forced fast food employers to stop rigging labor market against employees; why Germany’s “dependence” on Russia is less that the U.S. dependence on China;…

Economic Update: Criticizing Capitalism

July 8, 2018

This week with Richard Wolff: Updates on Colorado’s laws favoring co-ops; capitalism and suicide continues; rent control on the California ballot; the effects of U.S. foreign trade controls; the French gov’t vs GE; and Ford buys an old train station it helped destroy; interview with Professor David Harvey on Karl Marx’s contribution to understanding capitalism…

Economic Update: Tariffs In An Unraveling Economy

June 24, 2018

This week: Updates on tariffs as political fiction; the Irish state apologizes for the gross exploitation of young women; the continuation of illegal toxic vehicle emissions; and NY Senator Gillibrand seeks to cut restrictions on worker co-ops. SPECIAL GUEST: Bob Hennelly on the US housing crisis as a sign of an unraveling economy

Economic Update: Standing Up

June 18, 2018

This week: Updates on China’s growing life expectancy; Ireland’s vote on abortion; the reality of unemployment in the U.S.; why Amazon offers a “quitting” bonus; Johnson and Johnson putting profits before public health; die-ins at Publix succeed; Macron gets union backlash; Poor People’s Campaign exposes US poverty; Canada joins the race to the bottom; and…

Economic Update: An Unsustainable System

June 11, 2018

This week: the decline of U.S. cities and the potential of “private cities”; the ever-growing freelancers’ economy; why the U.S. Supreme Court decided to legalize sports betting now; Fiat-Chrysler & Porsche added to the emissions cheating scandal; the new federal jobs guarantee; a Catholic University attacks the concept of tenure; Interview with Chris Hedges on…

Economic Update: Capitalism Makes Few Winners Many Losers

June 5, 2018

This week: Updates on Armenia’s Political Spring; banks big profits; Harley-Davidson fires hundreds; unjust criminal penalties; US households’ financial distress; Germany banning diesels; US drug companies put profits above health again; and the huge wealth increase among world’s 2,754 billionaires. Special guest: Roderick Prude (union worker) and Dyln Namm (student) on successful student-worker alliance at…

Economic Update: Another Gilded Age

Economic Update: Another Gilded Age

May 21, 2018

This week: Updates on how Mitbestimmung helped Germany not destroy itself; waves of strikes by public school teachers; Theranos bankruptcy and workers’ risks; our second “gilded age;” mortgage lenders turning to rich borrowers; Trump on drug prices is nothing more than rhetoric; the economic effects of breaking the Iran Deal; gentrification and crisis of cities.

Economic Update: Distorting Economic Truths

April 16, 2018

Labor strikes at Disney; home sales and prices drop sharply; Nestle’s approval to profit from privatizing water; UPS and FedEx profit from Trump’s attack on Amazon and lies about the USPS; US poverty far worse than in other nations

Richard Wolff on Capitalism and Socialism

March 20, 2017
Part 3 of an interview with Richard D. Wolff, Marxist economist and founder of Democracy at Work –