Dakota Access

Louisiana Bill Aims To Hypercriminalize Pipeline Protests

April 6, 2018
In part two, civil rights lawyer Bill Quigley says the bill is meant to intimidate protesters, but “it’s not going to stop the people who are really dedicated.”

Dakota Access Plipeline Protests

March 14, 2017
DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horn says the steel used in the construction of the pipelines will be produced in the US or Canada, but nonetheless will be owned by foreign multinationals

Climate Change

November 3, 2016
Photo Credit: Joe Brusky, flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/29485116115)

Standing Rock Sioux Attorney: Deliberate Destruction of Sites Should Invalidate Pipeline Permit

October 12, 2016

Energy Transfer says protests against the pipeline are taking place on private property, but an attorney for the Standing Rock Sioux government says the land was long ago given to the tribe in a treaty with the U.S.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Awaits Court Ruling On Dakota Access Oil Pipeline

August 25, 2016

TRNN’s Kim Brown speaks to protesters outside the Washington, D.C. District Court

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Fights North Dakota Oil Pipeline

August 24, 2016

Chairman Dave Archambault says it’s simply a matter of time before the Dakota Access pipeline leaks, ruining their way of life forever