Barry Goldwater Jr. supports Ron Paul

January 14, 2008

Talking with Davey D at Talk Radio News "Radio Row" on the eve of the New Hampshire primary

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Talking with Davey D at Talk Radio News "Radio Row" on the eve of the New Hampshire primary


Story Transcript

WOMAN: I was a Goldwater Republican. Now I’m a Clinton Democrat.

BARRY GOLDWATER JR.: Yeah. Well, she was in my dad’s home not too long, well, before he died. In fact, her husband came to visit him. They were good friends.




GOLDWATER: She came to visit my father, and so did her husband, separately. And my father told Republicans to lay off Clinton when they were giving him a hard time.



DAVEY D, HARD KNOCK RADIO, KPFA: Three, two, one. Davey D hanging out with you this afternoon. Here we are on the eve of the historic primaries here in New Hampshire. A lot of superstars rolling through the house, a lot of luminaries, including Barry Goldwater Jr., a former congressman. Let me ask you this. You know, the talk of the town, of course, is Ron Paul. How can a conservative, right-leaning stalwart for the Republican party, meaning the Fox News Network, how could they do something like that to a guy like Ron Paul?

GOLDWATER: It was not fair and balanced. I’m ashamed of Fox network. You know, here we have a Republican primary, and we have the debate, and they excluded Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul. Now, Ron Paul came in third, ahead of Fred Thompson. He’s raised $20 million. He is showing relatively well in the polls of New Hampshire. He might come in third, possibly. His voice is important to be heard, and they excluded him. They should be ashamed of themselves.

DAVEY D: But I’ve been led to believe that they would be fair and would do all the right things. And I thought that, you know, the folks on our side of town, you know, since you are talking to the liberal Bay area, we’re often accused of, you know, shadiness and—.

GOLDWATER: [Crosstalk] No, no, no. We wouldn’t accuse you of shadiness. We just might accuse you of not seeing the light. You’re not seeing the light.

DAVEY D: What does Ron Paul need to do to take the primary tomorrow? And what does he need to do down the road?

GOLDWATER: What does Ron Paul need to do? You know, I wish I knew. I’m not an expert. I don’t know anybody that knows the actual key. But I do know one thing, and that is Ron should not quit. His message of liberty, of freedom, maximizing freedom, and of a strong national defense, and quit empire building is a message that needs to be heard. And I think if more people hear his message, they will begin to like what they’re hearing, and they will join in in supporting him. My father, Senator Goldwater, was here some forty-some years ago looking for a vote for the Republican primary. He lost. He wasn’t even a blip on the radar screen. My father went on to be the nominee. So don’t count Ron Paul out.

DAVEY D: What’s the strategy [crosstalk]?

GOLDWATER: Okay. If you look around, we’ve almost got a welfare mentality. Everyone, you look around, there’s always somebody who’s got their hand out, or some group who’s got their hand out, or somebody needs protection. You know. And we need to take a look at that and say, you know something? We’ve got more government than we need, more government than we can afford, and more government than the Constitution calls for. Okay? We need less government, because I’ve got to remind you, Davey D, before I can give you money from the federal government, I’ve got to first take it away from some hardworking guy, from some stiff here in New Hampshire, who goes to work nine to five, works hard, makes minimum wage. I’ve got to take that money away from him first so I can give it to you.

DAVEY D: Is the situation with all the houses, the subprime mortgages, where everybody’s losing their homes because of these unfair loans—. And one of the first people to really get the bail out have been the banks. Would that be considered that handout that you’re talking about?

GOLDWATER: The banks shouldn’t be bailed out on this. They packaged bad investments, and they’ve got to eat it. Caveat emptor—the buyer beware. You know, just because something looks something for nothing doesn’t mean it is. There’s always a price for anything.

DAVEY D: You have a good one, sir.

GOLDWATER: Thank you, Davey D.


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