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Reporting from Standing Rock in North Dakota. Lauretta Prevost with Mirrors and Hammers Productions,,

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SAM ADAMS: My name is Sam Adams, I was drafted in 1970 and I served in the infantry in Vietnam in the 101st airborne for almost all of 1971. If there’s about 200 water protectors, there’s also about 200 police that show up on the line. Each and every policeman I’ve seen that does direct action has been more heavily armed than I was when I was in the infantry in Vietnam. ARTHUR DEMARUS: Hi, my name is Arthur Demarus, I served in the Army Reserve from 1976 to 1991. We got Syria, we got Palestine, we got places around the world where oppression is continuing. And this is one of those places. ADAMS: A lot of veterans have been here and gone and plan to come back. We wanna support the Standing Rock and the tribes as much as possible. Speaker 1: My first duty as a Marine is to protect the people of the United States. ADAMS: The tribes have been very very respectful, from my observation. They primarily offer the police water. Trying to make sure they understand who important water is. SPEAKER 1: That’s why I’m here. Its to protect the people, to protect the water, to protect future generations. SPEAKER 2: When I was inducted into the United States Army, I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. SPEAKER 3: The first 3 words of the Constitution say “We the people.” SPEAKER 4: I’m here because people are more important than corporations. SPEAKER: 3: We’re here to protect water. The basic element of life. SPEAKER 1: I’m willing to give my life to do that. End DISCLAIMER: Please note that transcripts for The Real News Network are typed from a recording of the program. TRNN cannot guarantee their complete accuracy.

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