Share and Share Alike…

Most of my days begin the same way – wake up, check email, scroll through twitter feeds, check Facebook posts and read through comments on our site. Oh, and coffee. That’s a critical step. What I’m looking for in my daily crawl is evidence that the stories we publish on The Real News are finding their audience and making an impact. Here are a couple of instances I found this week that prove just that:

I write ads for the Real News – google ads. This week over 14,000 people clicked on ads for the stories we published this week, and the majority of those visitors were new to the site – proof that our audience is growing all the time.

But what about our core audience?

We routinely get emails from viewers who include TRNN coverage on their radio shows, podcasts, in community newsletters and newspapers. Do let us know if this is something you do, or something you’d like to do. We’d be happy to help you choose stories from our archives that support your own work.

When it comes to online sharing of our stories, we have a number of outlets that many of you use already. Facebook introduced a new feature just today which will help me see how many of you are sharing the stories we post on Facebook page.  Make sure to keep sharing our stories to your own Facebook page so that our likes continue to accumulate and so that more people have access to Real News content. Our recent social media growth has been very strong. We’ve added 2000 new likes to our Facebook page this summer, and on Twitter more than 200 more people have become followers in the last few weeks!

On YouTube, our list of 50,000 subscribers is constantly growing. Every week we add close to 250 new subscribers. And recently we surpassed a huge milestone: 20 million views.

So much of what becomes successful online depends on people sharing what they like with the people they know. As an online organization that is almost entirely dependent on viewer donations, we rely on consistent and sustained audience growth. Whether you are a member or a regular viewer, we know that you are invested in the future of The Real News and want to see us succeed.

Of course, we always appreciate your donations –that goes without saying – but equally important is how you help us promote our content and our vision for a truly independent news media. Sharing our stories far and wide so that others too can become a part of our organization is one of the best ways to support The Real News.

Every one of our stories includes a series of buttons that allow you to share the story – either by email or various other social media sites. If you already use these routinely, a hearty thanks! If you’re new to sharing content online, click one of the buttons and see what happens!

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