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The “F” word has been thrown around a lot in the age of Donald Trump. From President Trump’s “Muslim ban,” to bipartisan support for migrant-filled concentration camps, to the failed insurrection at the Capitol building in January of this year, is “fascism” a useful term for understanding the political reality we’ve been living in? Are we misapplying the term in ways that drain it of its historical meaning? In the first installment of an ongoing series investigating the contours of fascism in the past and present, Jacqueline Luqman speaks with international human rights activist and National Organizer for Black Alliance for Peace Ajamu Baraka about how we must decenter twentieth-century Europe in order to gain a fuller understanding of what fascism is and where it exists.

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Jacqueline Luqman is a host and producer for TRNN. With more than 20 years as an activist in Washington, DC, Jacqueline focuses on examining the impact of current events and politics on Black, POC, and other marginalized communities in the US and around the world, providing a specific race and class analysis at the root of these issues. She is Editor-In-Chief and a co-host of the social media program Coffee, Current Events & Politics in Luqman Nation with her husband, and is active in the faith-focused progressive/left activist community.