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In this second part to The Real News’ interview with Jesse Rissin Rosenfeld, freelance journalist in Israel and the West Bank, the process of peace talks is discussed. Rosenfeld says that a “simmering intolerance” for the Palestinian Authority has contributed to anger at the Israeli attack on Gaza and may pave the road for a new intifada. The PA has been engaged in the “peace process” with Israel and its security forces have been aiding the Israeli attempt at stopping Palestinian resistance to the occupation and the attack on Gaza. A resurgence in protests and riots in the West Bank is therefore seen as a revolt against both Israel and the PA. Rosenfeld says this will mean either a defeat for Mahmoud Abbas in the upcoming elections, or a popular revolt, akin to a third intifada.

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Jesse Rosenfeld is the editor of The Daily Nuisance. He is based in Tel Aviv - Jaffa and Ramallah since 2007, where he's written for The Guardian online, The National, Haaretz English and The Washington Report on Middle East Affiars.