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Real Media: Hot Off The Press

June 11, 2018
In collaboration with DeSmog, Real Media takes on #ShellKnew – an unfolding story of Shell’s awareness of its impact on climate change and how it has managed its image through PR as being a green socially responsible company, and the Trade Secrets Act which gives more rights to corporations above journalists and whistleblowers

Real Media: Labour HQ spray painted by Heathrow activists

June 9, 2018

Activists from new non-violent direct action campaign ‘Vote No Heathrow’ are kicking off a campaign of civil disobedience at Labour HQ to pressure the Party to honor its environmental commitments and oppose the expansion of Heathrow Airport

Should Banks Be Stripped Of Their Ability To Create Money? A Referendum in Switzerland

June 6, 2018
There is no easy monetary fix for the problems of modern capitalist economies says Jo Michell who argues that deep problems in the economy cannot be solved by trying to control the money supply while nothing is stopping the government from ensuring money gets created for good purposes, including government services and infrastructure

Class Fragmentation and the Collapse of Italian Politics

June 5, 2018

Italy’s new anti-establishment coalition government, between the right-wing League and the center-left 5-Star Movement is a symptom of the implosion of Italian politics, which has its roots in the fragmentation of Italy’s working class and of its leftist parties, explains Il Manifesto co-founder Luciana Castellina

Unemployment at the Heart of Italy's Economic Crisis

Unemployment at the Heart of Italy’s Economic Crisis

June 1, 2018

Italian President calls on Five Star and Lega to choose another Finance Minister if they wish to form a government.  Economist Bill Black and Mark Weisbrot discuss the political dynamics and the economic crisis

Deutsche Bank is Failing, Bail Out Inevitable

Deutsche Bank is Failing, Bail Out Inevitable

May 31, 2018

At €10 a share Deutsche Bank is a delayed victim of the investment banking sector says Dr. Paul Steinhardt, co-editor of Makroskop

Italy's Political Crisis & New Elections: An Opportunity for the Far-Right?

Italy’s Political Crisis & New Elections: An Opportunity for the Far-Right?

May 29, 2018

Italy’s president Sergio Matarella has thrown the country’s politics into turmoil when he rejected the parliament’s chosen Prime Minister and instead chose a former IMF economist as Prime Minister, in order to save Italy’s standing in the European Union. But he seems to have miscalculated and provided an opening for the far-right, explains Prof. Steve…

UK’s Labour Party Manifesto

UK’s Labour Party Manifesto

May 28, 2018

While Britain’s Conservative government has taken definitive steps on Brexit, the Labour Party is no longer fighting the effort as a practical matter, but is looking to develop social democratic principles for the economy, says Professor John Weeks