Egypt Bans Journalist Daoud Kuttab from a Transparency Conference

December 23, 2019

Journalist Daoud Kuttab was barred from entering Egypt without being given a reason. His banning indicates the growing paranoia of the Egyptian regime in the face of mounting international criticism.

Egypt’s Media Crackdown Can be Stopped

November 28, 2019

Angela Joya discusses the raid on the last independent media center in Egypt: Mada Masr. Thanks to international protest, the authorities allowed Mada Masr to re-open and resume publications. As opposition to Egypt’s President Al-Sisi continues, the government intensifies the repression of free speech.

Mozambique Braces for Election

October 16, 2019

Mozambique’s ruling Frelimo party is expected to win Tuesday’s general election but the challenge from the main opposition party, Renamo, has proven stronger than expected.

Tunisian Elections Marked by Disappointment With Arab Spring Aftermath

October 10, 2019

Even though the 2011 Arab Spring began in Tunisia and was arguably more successful there than anywhere else, Tunisians are disappointed and not interested in the upcoming presidential runoff vote, says Angela Joya.

Algerians Protest Against Government-Organized Elections

October 9, 2019

Algerian youth are fed up with Algeria’s post-independence old guard and after succeeding with Bouteflika’s resignation, they continue to push for a purging of the government’s old guard before new elections are held.

The Modern Day Scramble for Africa

The Modern Day Scramble for Africa

September 23, 2019

From the US to China to Israel to Russia, governments are positioning resources – both civilian and military – in various African nations for various reasons. Jacqueline Luqman talks to Maurice Carney about who are the players on the continent, what do they want, what does this mean for the future of Africa and Africans,…

Nigerians Return Home After Fleeing Violence in South Africa 

Nigerians Return Home After Fleeing Violence in South Africa 

September 13, 2019

Taking advantage of free flights, the first Nigerians evacuated from South Africa have arrived home. But while they feel relief at having escaped South Africa’s xenophobic violence with their lives, many are uncertain about their prospects in Nigeria

Mozambique's Farmers Face Food Crisis

Mozambique’s Farmers Face Food Crisis

September 6, 2019

Several months after a devastating cyclone hit Mozambique, farmers are still reeling from the losses to their crops. Food prices have risen dramatically and millions of people continue to rely on emergency aid

Israeli Illegal Arms Trade in South Sudan Was Disguised as “Agriculture”

Israeli Arms Trade in South Sudan Was Disguised as “Agriculture”

August 18, 2019

Investigative journalist Sam Mednick revealed that the agricultural company Green Horizon was a front for former Israeli general Israel Ziv’s security company CST who were supplying arms to South Sudan, fueling the conflict by selling arms to both sides

Over 100 Killed in Another Mediterannean Shipwreck as Europe Watches

Over 100 Killed in Another Mediterannean Shipwreck as Europe Watches

August 2, 2019

Frédéric Penard discusses the efforts of small NGOs to rescue refugees crossing the Mediterranean, against the efforts of European governments to block the entry of people fleeing war and famine