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Real Talk Tho, our 6th ‘newsroom in the community’ show, where youth and experts will discuss how our city can create the conditions for young people to thrive.

-Elijah Robbins, Senior Student Leader with The Intersection @theintersection

-D Watkins, Author of “We Speak for Ourselves” and Professor at University of Baltimore @dwatkinsworld

-A Youth Leader from the Baltimore Algebra Project @algebraproject

Recent coverage of a gathering of teens at the Inner Harbor has spurred controversy. The city’s police union labeled them criminals, even with little evidence crimes were committed.

But the incident raises deeper questions. If young people can’t gather at the publicly funded site, where are they supposed to go? And why do we keep giving big tax breaks to developers, while closing youth recreational facilities, grossly underfunding schools, and providing few economic opportunities?

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D Watkins is a Baltimore writer whose work has been published in Vice and Salon. His debut memoir, Cook Up, will be released by Grand Central in 2015.