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Real Talk Tho is an opportunity for people to discuss and debate real solutions to our city's intractable problems. What would effective policy look like and how do we get it implemented?

Join us in the search for solutions, develop the editorial work of The Real News and eat some great modern soul food.

Real Talk Tho takes place every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Ida B's Table.


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Real Talk Tho: The Bay Area Reduced Murders, Can Baltimore?

The San Francisco Bay Area is fighting gun violence and winning. Why did gun deaths drop in the Bay Area, and are there lessons for Baltimore? Tougher gun laws, criminal justice reform, and well-funded violence reduction programs are being credited with a significant drop in shootings in the Bay Area. Could it work in Baltimore? And what impact is rising gentrification and inequality having on violence? That’s the question we will examine in our 7th Real Talk Tho newsroom in the community series; are there other solutions to the city’s stubbornly high homicide rate that might work here? We will be joined by people who have worked with similar initiatives like Safe Streets in Baltimore, and also hear from activists in San Francisco.

Real Talk Tho 6: How Can Baltimore Uplift Youth?

Real Talk Tho, our 6th ‘newsroom in the community’ show, where youth and experts will discuss how our city can create the conditions for young people to thrive.

-Elijah Robbins, Senior Student Leader with The Intersection @theintersection

-D Watkins, Author of “We Speak for Ourselves” and Professor at University of Baltimore @dwatkinsworld

-A Youth Leader from the Baltimore Algebra Project @algebraproject

Recent coverage of a gathering of teens at the Inner Harbor has spurred controversy. The city’s police union labeled them criminals, even with little evidence crimes were committed.

But the incident raises deeper questions. If young people can’t gather at the publicly funded site, where are they supposed to go? And why do we keep giving big tax breaks to developers, while closing youth recreational facilities, grossly underfunding schools, and providing few economic opportunities?

Real Talk Tho: How To Make The Community Safer

How can we make Baltimore safe for everyone? What are the root causes of violence? How can we change the police department so the community has control?

Those are the topics we’ll explore for our next installment of The Real News’ newsroom in the community series, Real Talk Tho.Join us for a conversation that explores real solutions for the ongoing crisis of violence that continues to plague the city. We’ll take a deep dive into confronting the often overlooked role of poverty and lack of living wage jobs in precipitating crime. We will also seek your ideas on how to truly reform our troubled police department.

Power, Corruption & Changing How Baltimore is Governed

Powerful commercial interests dominate Baltimore’s city government, where corruption and backroom deals are part of the fabric of how decisions are made. The recent scandal involving Mayor Pugh is part of a long history of political office being used for personal gain and handing over public funds and favors to wealthy elites.

Can city charter amendments aimed at democratizing Baltimore’s government put more power into the hands of the community? Charter amendments could help eliminate the “all-powerful mayor”; get big money out of city elections; establish community control of the police; and create a transparent budgeting process that prioritizes making the city safer by reducing poverty and unemployment. Is any of this possible without an organized and engaged people’s movement

Is Baltimore City’s Strong Mayor System Corrupting? Residents Weigh In

Residents engage with current and former city officials to discuss how to rebalance power at city hall to give the community real say in how Baltimore is governed

Real Talk Tho Episode 2

Since the early ’90s Baltimore has shuttered over 60 rec centers, while funding for police has more than doubled. Meanwhile, a new fund set up by the city that was originally intended to modernize rec centers has now been designated for general development. We’ve spoken to activists that say the city has no real plan to modernize and expand recreational opportunities

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