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Real Talk Tho is an opportunity for people to discuss and debate real solutions to our city's intractable problems. What would effective policy look like and how do we get it implemented?

Join us in the search for solutions, develop the editorial work of The Real News and eat some great modern soul food.

Real Talk Tho takes place every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Ida B's Table.


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Real Talk Tho Pilot

The Real News is launching our Community Editorial Committee to bring people together and talk about the issues that matter most you. Join your neighbors, friends, family and colleagues in open and honest discussions about jobs, crime, education, climate change, and more. The Real News is dedicated to reporting on the underlying reasons for chronic problems facing our communities and in the search for effective solutions. Share your opinion and help us make real news.

Real Talk Tho Episode 2

Since the early ’90s Baltimore has shuttered over 60 rec centers, while funding for police has more than doubled. Meanwhile, a new fund set up by the city that was originally intended to modernize rec centers has now been designated for general development. We’ve spoken to activists that say the city has no real plan to modernize and expand recreational opportunities

Is Baltimore City’s Strong Mayor System Corrupting? Residents Weigh In

Residents engage with current and former city officials to discuss how to rebalance power at city hall to give the community real say in how Baltimore is governed

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