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Korryn Gaines family and legal team have announced they will pursue a lawsuit against Baltimore County Police and conduct an independent investigation of her killing, which took place in August

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KWAME ROSE, TRNN: Earlier today, the family and legal team representing Korryn Gaines, the 23-year-old mother killed by Baltimore County Police in August of this year, gathered to announce the filing of a lawsuit against the police department before the completion of an investigation of the incident by state authorities. J. WYNDAL GORDON: Now many will ask why are we filing this lawsuit when the government hasn’t finished its investigation, when the state’s attorney’s office hasn’t finished their investigation, and when the police haven’t finished their investigation. Well we respond by saying that if we trusted the government and the police department to conduct a proper investigation, then we would’ve waited. However, we don’t leave the results of an investigation in a matter important as this, solely within the hands of the police department. ROSE: For more on this story, stay tuned to the Real News.


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