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Watch Paul Jay on the need for an independent news source that’s not beholden to the partisan political warfare that’s covering up the danger of war and the existential threat of climate crisis

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PAUL JAY: Hi. I’m Paul Jay, senior editor at The Real News Network. This is a critical period of human history. The threat of war and the climate crisis requires a sense of urgency, which is sorely lacking with all the focus on the Russians are coming. Whether Russia did or did not interfere in the 2016 elections is a minor point when compared to the existential threats facing us. We need an independent news source that’s not beholden to any of the partisan political warfare that is covering up the real issues. We need to focus on the massive transfer of wealth through the arms and finance sector that Trump and the Republicans are stage managing. This will build on the transfer of wealth to the billionaire class that took place under the Democrats. People are fighting, resisting these policies, across the US and around the world. TRNN is reporting on these movements, not cheerleading for one section of the elites over the other. We don’t live in normal times. Incremental and and slow change simply won’t do. We need news that helps develop a vision for the future, a vision that must be fought for now. The Real News is such a news network, but we can’t do it without your financial support. This is also a critical period of growth for The Real News. We’re building our climate crisis bureau. We’ve launched the Nina Turner Show. We’re strengthening our Baltimore bureau in a place we think we can compete with corporate television news. We’re going to be rolling out a new website which will be far more mobile friendly. All this takes money. We need a real push to reach our goal of $200,000. Thanks to a grant from the Quitiplas Foundation, every dollar you donate will be matched. If you sign up for a monthly contribution, your donation will be matched for 12 months. Please donate now and help us make real news.

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