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Giles Ji Ungpakorn describes his recent summons for Lese Majeste charges in Thailand for insulting the King of Thailand in his book ” A Coup for the Rich.”
Giles’ book was an attempt to write an academic analysis of the Thai political crisis from a pro-democracy point of view. While constantly criticising the Thaksin government’s gross abuses of Human Rights, he argued that the coup was totally unjustified. He argued that those who supported the coup: the military, the PAD, disgruntled businessmen, neo-liberals and conservative civil servants, were united in their contempt for the poor.
He further discusses the battle between “the red shirts” (populist, Thaksin Supporters) and the “Yellow Shirts” (The PAD, Military and the Democratic party) that has led to an appointed prime minister, and the current suppression of media.
Giles is creating an open campaign against the claim. It is has been a common occurrence for people in his position to ‘disappear.’

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Giles Ji Ungpakorn

Professor Giles is an Associate Professor Faculty of Political Science at Chulalongkorn University and member of the Thai socialist group "Turn Left." Giles has published many books including the sold out book, "A Coup For The Rich." He is currently being charged for Lese Majeste for insulting the King.