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PAUL JAY: Hi everybody, Paul Jay at the Real News Network. We’re in the final stages of our fundraising campaign for the summer, our matching grant. For every dollar you donate we get an extra dollar until the total of $200,000. But when we do these matching grant campaigns it’s kind of pushed people to give one-time donations because they figure if I give one time, give a bigger donation, it’s going to trigger the matching grant. This means that our monthly donors, which–monthly donor numbers have not grown as quickly as they might have, and monthly donations are really something predictable. It’s very important to sustain us and it’s really our lifeblood. So we have a kind of new thing during this fundraising campaign. If you donate monthly, whatever you donate will get stretched out a year and matched. Because we’re going to assume that if you’re signing up to donate, you’ll stick around. So if you donate $10, we’ll get a match of $120. Of course, if you donate more we’ll get a bigger match stretched out for 12 months. And in this campaign this is a big target of ours, to increase our monthly donations. So if you appreciate the Real News and you want us to strengthen and expand our work, please donate. The donate button is somewhere around this video. And if you can, donate monthly. Thanks very much for joining us and please help us make real news.


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