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President Obama has said that the war in Afghanistan can’t be won through military action alone. That said, he confused many in appointing Gen. Stanly McChrystal to take over as top commander of the growing US military force there, a man known for his leadership of a secret operations force said to have carried out regular assassination and torture. Paul Jay spoke to McClatchy Newspapers’ Pentagon Correspondent, Nancy Youssef, to attempt to decipher Obama’s strategy in this escalating conflict.

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Nancy Youssef is McClatchy Newspapers' chief Pentagon correspondent. She spent the past four years covering the Iraq war, most recently as Baghdad bureau chief. Her pieces focused on the everyday Iraqi experience, civilian causalities and how the US' military strategy was reshaping Iraq's social and political dynamics. While at the Free Press, she traveled throughout Jordan and Iraq for Knight Ridder, covering the Iraq war from the time leading up to it through the post-war period.