Sometimes our expert guests use terminology that can be mystifying. Particularly given that our coverage of late has been focused on the debt-ceiling, credit rating agencies, the European Central Bank and other complex mechanisms of the global economy.

Viewers have asked us to help them understand these tricky concepts. One member wrote “I’d like more background info for those of use who don’t understand all the terminology, concepts”.

I’d like to tell you about a feature on that provides you with all the background information, contextual links and definitions that you need to fully appreciate every report we have produced. It’s called Apture and it allows you to discover facts and context without having to leave the site.

Here’s how to use it. Highlight a term, phrase or name that is unfamiliar to you. Once you have the words highlighted, a dialogue bubble pops up that says “Learn More”. Click on that bubble, or just wait a few seconds, and a frame window will open up that provides you with definitions, links to the phrase or term in other Real News reports, and links that reference the term on other locations around the web.

At the top of the Apture frame you’ll notice that you can click on other tabs; video and image. Click on these tabs and you’ll be able to explore YouTube videos and images associated with the term you highlighted.

You can use this function anywhere on the site. It works particularly well on transcripts. Highlight a word, name, or phrase and see what pops up!

Apture technology applied to The Real News Network is just one more way that we are working to make news for everyone. At TRNN we always strive to maintain the nuance of every story. Mainstream media tends to eschew nuance for sound bites, and thus the issues is misrepresented. We hope that these context tools help provide accessibility and clarity to every report we publish.

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