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In this first segment of our interview with David Newman, professor of Political Geography at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, tells of life in Be’ersheva, Israel. Several rockets have reached the City of Be’ersheva which is located roughly 35 kilometers from the Gaza Strip border. Newman says because rockets have been reaching many towns and cities, the Israeli public persists in its support for the attacks on Gaza. The average Israeli, Newman says, feels that Hamas is unfairly attacking Israelis in Southern Israel as Israeli troops and settlers have left the Gaza Strip in 2005 during the “disengagement” process. Many feel Israel must negotiate with Hamas and should have done so before, as Israel has done with the PLO. Most Israelis, Newman adds, are not really aware of the situation in Gaza as most do not interact with Palestinians, which are not allowed into Israel. He also says Israelis are worried of the coverage of the attacks as images of killed and injured civilians are becoming common place in the media, and are starting to change Israeli public opinion.

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