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Supporters of the President express their hopes and fears on inauguration day

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MAN: He’s just an average worker trying to make America great. JAN MORGAN: I’m supposed to speak. I’m going to speak at the rally. I am supposed to speak. MAN: I’m not lying here. You know? JAN MORGAN: I’m not lying either. I didn’t ask anybody to let let me break in line, even though I have a speaking engagement that was promoted… Yeah, that’s not how we work here. Everybody is equally important here. That’s right… The forgotten people, that’s what Trump talked about. MAN: That’s why he got elected. MAN: I’m also forgotten, I tell you that. JAN MORGAN: That’s right, so we’re all people. MAN: So, I just want to go to work, so I can make a living. JAN MORGAN: I represent the forgotten people. I mean, we are the Americans who are… who went to the polls, who voted… many of the people… If you came to the inauguration ceremony earlier today, there were a lot of people here that you would have never seen at an inaugural celebration before. People who’ve never even voted before, but decided to get involved, because they’re sick and tired of being misrepresented by Republicans, and Democrats, in D.C. BIKER: Three percent movement is… it was estimated that during the birth of our country, only 3% of the population of the entire country came to arms for their country. BIKER: We all are our own first responders. We all have to take care of our communities, and we are our brothers’ keepers. So, when somebody’s doing something wrong, and you know it, step in and handle the situation, if need be. Do it correctly, but if law enforcement needs assistance, then we assist them. You know, it’s common sense. MAX BLUMENTHAL: Kind of like the Blue Lives Matter movement? BIKER: It’s common sense. That’s all it is. Common sense. BIKER: All lives matter. MAX BLUMENTHAL: Why do you support…? I mean, as a woman, what brought you out for Trump? WOMAN: I’m… I support him for change, for change. For bringing back the pride back in America. MAX BLUMENTHAL: I thought, you know, that his support from women would collapse after those tapes came out. WOMAN: What tapes? MAX BLUMENTHAL: You know, where he says he wants to grab women by the pinotcha? WOMAN: Oh. Seriously. WOMAN: That was so long ago. WOMAN: … yeah… WOMAN: How… when do we let things go? MAX BLUMENTHAL: And that was, like, the Tic-Tac era, right? When… WOMAN: Well… I think, um… I’m certainly not excusing it. I… I don’t like it. I didn’t like it. But I liked Hillary a lot less. WOMAN: She does not represent my core values. So, no, I would never have, in a million years, thought of voting for her. MAX BLUMENTHAL: You know, I thought that the women would turn to Hillary after those Trump tapes came out. WOMAN: Unfortunate. Um, that was rather crass. He is not your everyday politician. Unfortunately, he’s had some bumps. We’re hoping that there’s been a learning experience from that, and I can’t speak to him being what he was then. I don’t know. MAX BLUMENTHAL: You think he’s a changed man now? WOMAN: Well, I think maybe he’s a little bit more refined, or… or will be. So, I don’t know. I… I know that it bothered me. But it didn’t… it wasn’t pivotal for me in voting for him, or not voting for him. MAN: Bernie Sanders, I mean, he was a bit of a socialist, but I get his agenda, and I get his platform. And a lot of those Democrats that were for him, at least were not… they weren’t that progressive — crazy liberal. They really did want… they wanted the same things Trump wanted, and what we wanted. MAX BLUMENTHAL: Like, to keep jobs here…? MAN: Yes, exactly. MAX BLUMENTHAL: Not have…? WOMAN: Yes. Please, let’s keep jobs here. MAN: Obama, and the Democrats, and the liberalism, is what created Trump. That whole agenda is what created Trump, and not even so much the Democrats, the Republicans. The Republicans and Democrats are all crooked. The pol– I’m talking about the politicians. They’re extremely crooked. MAX BLUMENTHAL: And you are a big Second Amendment advocate, and you own the… JAN MORGAN: Yes. MAX BLUMENTHAL: … National… and you own the Gun Cave, which is, if I’m not incorrect, the first Muslim-free gun range. JAN MORGAN: Yes. We were the first range in America to be declared a Muslim-free zone, and now, since I did that and took that stand, gun ranges and gun stores in six states have followed our lead. MAX BLUMENTHAL: So, you’re a trendsetter. How do you enforce that? Like, how do you know if someone… a dangerous, radical Muslim is coming in there? JAN MORGAN: Well, you never know for sure, I mean, anybody can be dangerous. But, our place is a private club, and we carefully screen every single person who comes in. You have to provide a state-issued photo ID. You’ve got to fill out some paperwork. You’ve got to answer a lot of questions, and we turn people away every day for a number of reasons, and we don’t have to say why. MAN: Extreme, crazy animals. You… you can’t… they’re not human beings. I mean, you know, if you don’t understand the psyche to know who you’re up against, how can you deal with it? MAX BLUMENTHAL: Yeah, Trump said, “Exterminate radical Islam.” I mean, you’re talking about exterminate. MAN: Yeah. I mean, if… if they… if they teach that if you kill people you go to heaven, I mean… that’s scary. How do you… how do you fight that? MAN: He’s not for himself, and he’s going to work for America, and he’s going to bring back the jobs. And people think he… what he says, he’s not going to do that. He’s going to take care of all the immigrants and all the races. And everybody, he’s going to take care of. ANNOUNCER: The Honorable Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. CROWD: (booing) MAN: I mean, Podesta, that was one thing. His whole controversy with the emails and everything, I think there was actually some validity to that. I mean… MAX BLUMENTHAL: You mean, like, with the Pizzagate? MAN: Yeah, yeah. Sure. MAX BLUMENTHAL: Like, when they’re ordering 23 hotdogs and stuff? MAN: Twenty-three hotdogs, and then a c… a lady is going to bring over her daughters for entertainment in the hot tub, and stuff like that. Which are nine and — or, eight and nine, Eight and ten. So… MAX BLUMENTHAL: What were the…? MAN: … there’s stuff, inappropriate, going on. That’s… MAX BLUMENTHAL: Like, then, what about, like, the basement… do you think there was, like, a sex dungeon in the basement? MAN: No. No, I didn’t go down that road. MAN: I watched a lot of the Project Veritas videos. And there’s also other things I’ve seen, where there’s symbols, I guess, in the pedophilia world. Of certain things, and there was… and their portraits in that pizza shop, and not only that, the people that were involved. I think, his brother, I mean, there was… were different things. He’s selling pictures where — there’s pictures — similar symbols of that, so I think it is a sickening thing. MAN: But Tony Podesta, and the owner of… MAX BLUMENTHAL: The owner is James Oliphantes(?). MAN: Right. And he’s… MAX BLUMENTHAL: Which… which it sounds like, “J’aime les enfants.” MAN: I don’t know what that means, but… MAX BLUMENTHAL: In… in French, it means, “I like kids”. MAN: Oh, gosh. Well… MAX BLUMENTHAL: That was one of the things I would see. MAN: Oh, I did… I didn’t even notice that. MAX BLUMENTHAL: But, I mean, who orders 23 hotdogs? MAN: Right. Right. Who’d order… what was the Obama one where he ordered $50,000 worth of hotdogs or something…? MAX BLUMENTHAL: But he was ordering $50,000 of little boys. MAN: Correct. Yeah. Code word. MAN: The black lives… let me tell you something. Black people are not oppressed. For any… a black man to say he’s oppressed, that’s bull, because all it means is he’s not willing to get out there and go find a job and go work. If you gotta go work at McDonald’s, and go work at Burger King right after that, hey, you know what? God bless you. You’re working, because you could be doing a lot worse. JAN MORGAN: I think you’re going to see a lot of changes, and I think after four years of a Trump administration, he’s going to be even more popular than he was today, going in. And when people see the results of what he said he’s going to do, I think that America is going to be a better country, and we’re going to stop getting run over by other countries. We’re going to be stronger as a result of a Trump administration. ————————- END

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