In this, the first post from News from the Real News, I’d like to respond to those of you who filled out our recent survey. We received more than 1700 responses from a viewership with a huge diversity of interests, professions, and political views. This kind of diversity reflects our mission precisely: to produce news in the interest of ordinary people that aims to avoid bias and political one sidedness. Thanks so much for taking the few minutes to tell us about your experience with TRNN.

Whether male or female, working or retired, progressive, conservative or independent, you all came together over one issue: Summaries.

78.2% of you stated that you’d like to read or view weekly summaries of TRNN news stories. We’re happy to accommodate this and will work on producing a weekly round-up of TRNN highlights. This round up will spotlight key interviews, summarize their main points and concisely recap the week’s investigative reports as well.

Some of you also pointed out that you prefer to read the transcripts of TRNN video reports, and hey, we get that. Sometimes, whether you’re at work, or on the subway without headphones, or just don’t have the time, the” video only” option is inconvenient. Here’s the great thing though; there are transcripts to accompany every video we publish on The Real News. Sometimes, the transcripts don’t accompany the video as soon as it’s published – there may be a delay of 12-24 hours – but they do always appear. We’re working on making sure both are published simultaneously so that you don’t have to wait to read the latest breaking TRNN story.

The Real News Network is an evolving process. Your feedback helps us Make Real News. We look forward to sharing more News from The Real News.

Aine McGlynn is the Communications Director at The Real News Network.

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