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The Real News asked Kellyanne Conway about her and the Trump administration’s connections to far-right billionaire Robert Mercer, who’s been pulling the strings from the shadows. Watch the full doc on Robert Mercer here

Story Transcript

REPORTER: I was just wondering about Robert Mercer’s connections to the Trump campaign and administration. And I know that you’re connected and there’s few other people who are connected and I’m wondering if you could talk about Robert Mercer’s role? KELLYANNE: His role in what? He’s a very successful entrepreneur. REPORTER: Well, he gave $15 million. He’s given a lot of money to Breitbart. He’s very involved in the process, and I think Americans should know about Robert Mercer’s– REPORTER: Thank you so much… REPORTER: Kellyanne… how does that work under the administration? I really… I have my own media company. KELLYANNE: What do you do? REPORTER: Yeah, I do PR, and I ran a pack against … I have residence here. REPORTER: A lot of Americans are concerned about billion… about billionaires and being involved in the political process and I think… KELLYANNE: (laughs) REPORTER: I do, too. REPORTER: … they’d like to know. REPORTER: But I don’t know how I applied … again dot-gov and everything and I… ————————- END

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