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Law Professor Doug Colbert responds to the seating of a jury in the trial of William Porter, the first of 6 officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray

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JAISAL NOOR, TRNN: What’s your reaction to the jury selection today? DOUG COLBERT: Well, it reflects Baltimore’s diversity, and diversity is very important in terms of evaluating witnesses’ credibility. NOOR: And as far as the strikes, how they went down between the prosecution and the defense, what was your, what was your thoughts on that? COLBERT: Well, it was pretty clear the defense did not want any young African-American men on the jury. That was pretty clear from their strikes. And I think the prosecution was looking for a fair, diverse group of people. NOOR: And what can we expect next, as the opening arguments are set to start? COLBERT: We’re going to get a preview of the prosecution’s case. They’re obligated to tell us what witnesses they’re going to be calling and what those witnesses will say that will meet their burden of proof. The defense will give an opening, too, but I expect it won’t be as long or as detailed. NOOR: Thanks so much. COLBERT: You’re welcome.


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