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Rallies and sit-ins were held in over 100 cities around the world against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Lauretta Prevost with Mirrors and Hammers Productions,

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SPEAKER: On November 15th, 2016 in hundreds of cities across the globe, people gathered in solidarity to demonstrate against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. ESTRELLA ROOT: I know that today is a national day of action. I thank everyone who is doing this. I especially thank the beautiful youth who are here at Standing Rock who keep trying to protect me because I’m a grandma. It’s like I want to protect them. You know. It’s their world. SPEAKER: This national day of action comes on the heels of an Army Corps of Engineers announcement that it further delaying a decision on whether the 1,172-mile-long pipeline can pass over federal lands. JASON NOVOSELAC: The Army Corps of Engineers is not going to release the permits necessary for the pipeline to be drilled underneath the Missouri River. The sentiment around camp is that won’t stop the pipeline from being built. That they’ll still continue and that the fines will be less than the money lost by not having the pipeline built. SPEAKER: Yesterday, the Army Corps of Engineers requested along with Obama, requested that this pipeline stop. DAPL is still going. You can see the pipeline back there where they’re still going. So these guys that come up here to pray, for both sides to stop, to save water for future generations, for everybody. SPEAKER: The Standing Rock Sioux along with largest convergence of Native American tribes in over a century have be been protesting the pipeline since last April. On this national day of action, Standing Rock camp members, travel to Mandan, North Dakota to demonstrate on behalf of missing and murdered indigenous women. SPEAKER: Let’s not be an indecent human being. NOVOSELAC: I’m a little nervous. This is my first action. First time out here. But I feel confident everyone here is staying peaceful. You can feel the energy. ROOT: I saw them attacking us when we were deciding to – when we were dispersing. They had to get their tear gas in. They had to pepper spray some of these beautiful young people. Why? I don’t understand. It’s their world. SPEAKER: These actions come a week after Donald Trump won the US presidential election. Reports have shown that Donald Trump and his advisors have direct ties to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Kelcy Warren, the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners which is building the pipeline, has stated that he is 100% certain that Trump will approve it. JOYE BRAUN: We stand because this is life. This is Mni Wiconi. This is water is life. It doesn’t matter that Trump got elected. It doesn’t matter. They’ve been trying to kill us off for 500 years and we’re still here. NOVOSELAC: As everyone knows, Trump is not a proponent of climate change and does not believe in it and I think actions today show people need their voices heard. People want to be heard and people want to stand up to Trump and stand up to all he stands for.


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