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Activists were also arrested in Senator Chuck Schumer’s office Monday demanding the Democratic Party cut it’s ties with Wall Street

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JAISAL NOOR, TRNN: Thousands continue to protest Donald Trump’s election across the country on Monday following a weekend where thousands took to the streets to declare, he’s not my president. The cities with massive demonstrations included Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, and Chicago. The anti-Trump protests denounced his campaign promises to deport up to 3 million undocumented immigrants, make Muslims entering the country register or ban them all together, as well as allegations that the reality-TV star sexually abused women. Dozens of protesters have been arrested. Meanwhile the Trump campaign faced fresh backlash after picking white supremacist and alleged anti-Semite and Islamophobe Steve Bannon as chief strategist. On Monday students at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring Maryland Walked out en masse. Hundreds of students also walked out of Towson University outside of Baltimore. Meanwhile activists are simultaneously targeting the leadership of the Democratic Party- arguing their pro-Wall Street policies helped in Trump’s victory. There was a sit in at senator Chuck Schumer’s office who’s slated to be the next senate minority leader. SPEAKER: They’re arresting about 20 millennials. Chuck Schumer’s office has refused to meet with the new leaders of the democratic party. The new leaders of American and instead choosing to arrest 20 young people. We’re demanding that Chuck Schumer withdraw his name from being considered as senate minority leader because his leadership in the democratic party’s establishment has failed us clearly. Time and time again, Chuck Schumer has taken the side of Wall Street and the ruling class. NOOR: In Portland, Oregon, police say they arrested more than 20 people Saturday night after demonstrators tossed burning flares and bottles at them. SPEAKER: Members of this group, assaulting citizens and officers. NOOR: Other demonstrators marched at Trump’s door at Trump Tower. SPEAKER: Tell him look, we’re going to keep you in line. We’re going to make sure you don’t make any drastic decisions and I’m a millennial you know. It’s our future. NOOR: Trump initially denounced the demonstrations saying they were incited by the media but later switched course. SPEAKER: I just have to be out here to stand up for myself, to standup for the people that I love. NOOR: On m On Monday activists also took to the streets of DC to protest Trump and the TPP. “Corporate money delivered the two most unpopular presidential candidates in United States history, and this is the start of a multi-year campaign to reject the disastrous policies that will come as a result of those special interests,” said Margaret Flowers of Popular Resistance. For the Real News, this is Jaisal Noor.


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