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Hundreds protested the exclusion of alternative ideas and candidates from the first presidential debate

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LESTER HOLT: At the state of each segment I will ask the same leadoff question to both candidates and they both will have up to 2 minutes to respond. From that point until the end of the segment, we’ll have an open discussion. JAISAL NOOR, TRNN: But is it really fair to say the first presidential debate of 2016 was an open discussion? For many an open discussion would’ve not excluded third party candidates. That’s why at least 23 were arrested and hundreds of dissatisfied voters rallied outside the debate venue at Hofstra University, protesting a myriad of issues. SHANTEL WALKER: We want the world to know, we want the country to know and we want these candidates to understand that our demand is clear and our demand is this. We want $15 in the union, we want to feed our kids, we want to take care our families. NOOR: A major demand was third party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson be allowed to participate in the debates run by the commission on Presidential Debates which is controlled by the Democrat and Republican party. JENNIFER ALLEN: There’s a group of 13 of us that just traveled 25 hours overnight in order to support Jill Stein. As one of the presidential candidates that is on the ballot in over 48 states, she is a viable candidate. She has a lot to say. However, she is not on the debate stage today because there’s a 15% rule. She has to be able to poll at 15%. However, you can’t poll at 15% if you’re not getting media coverage and you can’t poll at 15% if you’re not in the debates where anyone knows that you’re running. NOOR: Many also rallied in support of Black Lives Matters. CHARLOTTE SEAY: It’s like you have to choose among two evils. It’s like neither of them are like the greatest but it’s like comparing the other I feel like Hillary weighs out more than Trump. MADISON YINGER: I am a former Sanders supporter. So I’m switching to Clinton because if I don’t it’s a vote for Trump and Trump supports a lot of this racist violent kind of very superior white power kind of things that I don’t support at all in any way. I know Clinton is not probably my favorite candidate for president but definitely she’s a lot better than Donald Trump. NOOR: Others said there was no difference between either major party candidate. Including Trump’s claim, he would shed the Iran nuclear deal. ALLEN: There is no difference between the Republican and Democratic party right now. THOMAS HEDGES, TRNN: On this issue? ALLEN: There is no difference between the Republican and Democratic party. They are all bought and paid for. They are all corrupt. NOOR: But many analyst we’ve spoken to strongly disagree with that sentiment,. HENRY GIROUX: The following policies we’re going to see under a Trump presidency is one in which there is an enormous potential not only for massive wars all over the planet but also for a nuclear holocaust. NOOR: We also spoke to Gary Johnson supporters who are on the defensive about his recently publicized comments on climate change. GARY JOHNSON: The long term view is that in billions of years the sun is going to actually grow and encompass the Earth. So global warming is in our future. ALEX GRAHAM: It was taken in 2010 or 2012. Those comments were taken out of context and he was joking during the time too but that was not current. Not a current discussion. NOOR: And also his absence from the protest. SPEAKER: Where’s Gary? Why doesn’t he come to these things? Why isn’t he right here? He’s never right here. Why not? Because he’s another multimillionaire who doesn’t give a shit about people. GRAHAM: No he gives a shit. He gives a shit. HEDGES: What is your reaction to what he just said? GRAHAM: He doesn’t know. He doesn’t know him. He’s a strong character. I’ve researched him. I’m an engineer, early retired engineer. NOOR: Go to the for our full debate coverage including analysis from guests and senior editor Paul Jay. This is Jaisal Noor.


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