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The action comes as part of the ongoing movement against the North Dakota Access Pipeline

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JAISAL NOOR, TRNN: In breaking new on Thursday, an unconfirmed number of environmental activists were arrested after protesting federal oil and gas-ly sales on public land inside the Department of Interior in Washington, DC. SPEAKER: [Inaud.] or any other corporation or any other agency take over our lands and tell us what they’re going to do with them. Keep it in the ground. NOOR: Protests are also happening in Pittsburg, blocking streets according to social media accounts. This comes as part of an international solidarity movement against the 3.4 billion dollar Dakota Access Pipeline. Meanwhile Facebook said it had quote error in removing independent media company Unicorn Riot’s live video showing water defenders being arrested in North Dakota. Unicorn Riot, one of the few media organizations consistently covering the movement to Dakota Access Pipeline is alleging censorship of its post. Here’s a portion of our recent interview with indigenous activist Desire Kane from Cannonball, North Dakota. DESIRE KANE: It’s a lot different now that we’re armed with technology, we’re armed with cameras while we are unarmed with weapons of any sort, we are definitely taking our narrative and our story into our own hands and making sure that these interactions with the US government are recorded, they’re well documented and it really facilitates the thing that we hear in social movements where we say the whole world is watching.


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