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TRNN’s Jaisal Noor speaks to some of the activists, organizers and elected officials that took part in today’s march against ICE raids and deportations

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CROWD: (chanting)… Immigrants are welcome here, no hate, no fear. Immigrants are welcome here… TIFFANY NANO-MIRANDA: I wasn’t gonna to live through an ICE raid, my dad was almost captured, I’ve had parents, mothers who were captured during ICE raids, and it hurts my heart to know that another generation is growing up with that same fear. So, I’m here fighting for them. I am here fighting for every little kid who has to grow up with a un-documented parent, scared for their lives, scared to lose their parents, their people… CROWD: (chanting)… Immigrants are welcome here, no hate, no fear. Immigrants are welcome here, no hate, no fear… WOMAN: …it’s getting our people, it’s getting our kids, we want ICE to get out from Baltimore. JAISAL NOOR: And so, these things have been happening for a while, and you say it’s getting worse. WOMAN: We’re talking about two weeks. JAISAL NOOR: Last two weeks? WOMAN: Last two weeks. We’re now going, now we’re going to do it for us. We’re asking as a community of individuals to fight back to them, like, to show them that we are united. That we wouldn’t fight to protect our families. JAISAL NOOR: And how does it make you feel that there’s hundreds of people … WOMAN: Awesome… I’m American and I’m grateful because I can see the unity of Baltimore. I can see how that comes together. CROWD: (chanting)… the people, declare, sanctuary sleeps… the people, declare, sanctuary sleeps… JAISAL NOOR: So, I’m Jaisal Noor for The Real News Network. We are live in Baltimore. There’s hundreds of people marching down the streets, shutting down a busy street in Baltimore, Eastern Avenue. They are marching against recent ICE raids in Baltimore, and across the country. At least two people have been detained in Baltimore over the past few days. And the raids that have been happening across the country, hundreds of people detained, have sparked fears here, but the community is saying that they are not afraid. They are going to resist. CROWD: (chanting)…are welcome here, no hate, no fear. Immigrants are welcome here, no hate, no fear… ZEKE COHEN: You don’t make America great. The people of this city make America great. CROWD: (cheering, applause) ZEKE COHEN: (addressing crowd) …And my message to ICE: get out of Baltimore! We don’t want you here! Go back home! ZEKE COHEN: One of my constituents actually, who worked in the barber shop right over here, was detained, and is currently in jail in Frederick. It is completely unacceptable, and apparently the ICE agents told his girlfriend that they were police. I want to be clear that the city of Baltimore does not stand behind that behavior. We have said unequivocally to our police department, and to all of our agencies, that they will not touch or deport, or ask for papers from anyone, and so… from our perspective, this is a welcoming city. We do not want ICE, or anybody else here in Baltimore. ROBBYN LEWIS: I represent the 46th District, which includes Highlandtown, in Annapolis. JAISAL NOOR: And you mentioned you co-sponsor the Trust Act, which would give sanctuary policies inside the entire State of Maryland. Which is significant here, because the state controls the jail. Which is the main source of where federal authorities can interact with undocumented residents. ROBBYN LEWIS: Yes, absolutely. The Trust Act is a law, a bill that we helped to pass. With a coalition that includes the Latino Legislative Caucus, the Black Caucus, the Women’s Caucus, as well as other people of goodwill who represent Maryland, or is in the State General Assembly. Those of us of goodwill, those of us who believe in the values that we hold dear, are working as hard as we can to defend everyone here in the State of Maryland. I live here. This is my neighborhood. These are my neighbors. JAISAL NOOR: Hundreds of people march in the streets today, against the ICE raids that have been taking place in Baltimore and across the country. Its federal officials, have been arresting undocumented immigrants. Hundreds face deportation. Some have already been deported. In Baltimore, at least two people have been arrested and face deportation now. And one of them is from this community in Highlandtown, in East Baltimore, and that’s the reason this rally was held today. Hundreds of people marched in the streets. We talked to some of the organizers during this live stream. There are plans for new groups to help resist deportations. We’re going to… this entire live stream will be posted at Check our website for ongoing coverage of the vital issues like this. Donald Trump’s first Executive Order was a crackdown on undocumented immigrants. Trump’s Muslim ban has gotten more attention as of late, but it seems like the deportation machine that Donald Trump inherited from President Obama, is kicking into full gear. So, stay tuned to for all of our reporting on important issues like this, and how they impact people right here in Baltimore. ————————- END

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