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TRNN brings you the latest developments in the ongoing resistance against Trump’s ban on Muslim refugees

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CROWD: (chanting) … No Trump! No KKK… No fascist USA… No Trump! No KKK… No fascist USA… JAISAL NOOR: Protests are continuing across the country, with an estimated 2,000 in Baltimore-Washington Airport last night. But an immigration lawyer for the ACLU, on Monday said, the government was not complying with the judge’s ruling. Limiting an immigration order signed by Donald Trump last week. Trump’s order halted travel by people with passports from countries the U.S. has bombed, or intervened in — including Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen — for 90 days. And stopped the resettlement of refugees for 120 days. Trump said these actions were needed to protect the American people from terrorist attacks by foreign nationals admitted to the United States. But the order has sparked a global backlash, including from U.S. allies, that view the action as discriminatory and divisive. U.S. judges in at least five states, blocked federal authorities from enforcing Trump’s Executive Order, restricting immigration from seven Muslim majority countries. On Monday, Washington State became the first to declare it would not comply with Trump’s order. MAN: The illegality and the unconstitutionality in the religious discrimination of his Executive Order is now in full display at Seattle International Airport. JAISAL NOOR: But Lee Gellerman, the Director of the ACLU’s Immigrants Rights Project, said some aspects of the ruling were not being heeded. LEE GELLERMAN: We asked for a list of everyone who’s been detained around the country, because that’s one of the major problems, is that we just simply don’t know how many people are being detained in how many airports around the country. We have not received that list from the government as of now. If we don’t get it very soon, we will go back to the judge and say, “We need the list. We’re worried about people in detention. They don’t have access to counsel in all airports, and we need to see them, make sure they’re okay.” JAISAL NOOR: Here are some of the voices of the thousands who have protested across the country. WOMAN: I am here because I believe in human rights. My husband is an immigrant, and this is honestly terrifying and devastating. WOMAN: I mean, it’s mind numbing to think that we would close our doors to people who we’ve, in some way, created a situation where they’ve needed an escape and a safe haven. MAN: Showing love for all the immigrants and refugees, documented and undocumented, it don’t matter. Everybody’s welcome here. Everybody has a universal right to migrate wherever they damn please. So, we’re here to respect that, and support that, and do what needs to be done to ensure that people arrive here safely, securely. And if they don’t, that’s when we step in. JAISAL NOOR: In breaking news, President Donald Trump has reportedly fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, after she said the Justice Department’s ban on refugees and immigrants is unlawful, and she would not defend it in court. Yates was an Obama nominee and will be replaced by Jeff Sessions, if he’s confirmed by the Senate Tuesday. Senator Sessions has been called one of the most anti-immigrant legislators in Congress. Democrats say they will be unanimous in their opposition to Sessions. But he will likely be confirmed, as no Republicans, who hold a majority in the Senate, have thus far said they will vote against him. President Obama also released a statement supporting protests against the ban on Monday. For The Real News, this is Jaisal Noor. ————————- END

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