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Before she got arrested at her weekly #FireDrillFriday demonstration, Jane Fonda told TRNN’s Dharna Noor that she tried to get Netflix to give her a yearlong hiatus from Grace and Frankie to continue protesting climate inaction.

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DHARNA NOOR: Jane, if you could make just one demand to folks here on Capitol Hill, what would it be? I know it’s a huge–

JANE FONDA: Oh, no. The very first thing that has to happen is they have to stop any leasing, any licensing, any funding of any new fossil fuel infrastructure–no new fossil fuel extraction. And then, begin a process where we gradually wean off already existing fossil fuel use. But right away, stop all new. Stop exporting crude oil. Things like that immediately. Yes.

DHARNA NOOR: And how should oil companies be held accountable for their massive contributions to the climate crisis?

SPEAKER: If you don’t move, you’ll be subject to arrest. This is your first warning.

JANE FONDA: Well, that’s why we have to have a brave president elected to office, who can start holding trials, and hold these people accountable for what they’re doing. And there’s these lawsuits that are taking place are very important, yes. Yeah. Thank you.

DHARNA NOOR: And could you just briefly tell us, just about what you’re doing here, and how long you’ll be holding this?

JANE FONDA: Yes. Until mid-January, when I have to go back to Grace and Frankie. I tried to get them to give us a year’s hiatus, but he couldn’t do it.

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Dharna Noor is a staff writer at Earther, Gizmodo's climate vertical.