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Iowa Latino leader Sam Carbajal says Latino vote will go to candidates who provide hope and solutions

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Who will get the Latino vote?

MATTHEW PALEVSKY, JOURNALIST, TRNN: I’m standing in Marshalltown, Iowa, in front of the Swift & Company meat packing plant. In December 2006, the Swift & Company plants were raided, and over 1,300 undocumented workers were arrested.


Rudy Giuliani campaign ad

RUDY GIULIANI: Build a fence, train the border patrol, have a border status system, have a tamper-proof ID card. And then, if you become a citizen, you have to be able to read English, write English, speak English, and understand American cities.

Mike Huckabee campaign ad

VOICE OVER: Mike Huckabee will fight to secure our borders.

MIKE HUCKABEE: We need to make it clear that we will say no to amnesty and no to sanctuary cities.

HUCKABEE: Our borders have to be secured

Ron Paul campaign ad

VOICE OVER: Ron Paul wants border security now. Physically secure the border. No amnesty. No welfare to illegal aliens and birthright citizenship. No more student visas from terrorist nations.


I’m on my way to speak to Sam Carbajal, who used to work at this factory and is now a leader in the Hispanic community in Marshalltown, Iowa.

SAM CARBAJAL, COMMUNITY LEADER: It was a really cold day, windy and cloudy. Really cold day. Around 90 people were arrested. Lately, after 9/11 and especially the last two years, especially the police department has been kind of aggressive against the Hispanic population. I don’t think the majority of the American population is against the migrant population. But I think it’s very strong and even small amount of people, but very, very strong, very organized, that are working, or let’s say spreading some kind of hate.


The Glenn Beck Show
September 26, 2007

GLENN BECK: No amnesty. Not now, not ever. Me personally, I care about security first. Why don’t we patch the holes and put fences on our borders? Milk before meat, Washington.

The Rush Limbaugh Show
April 30, 2007

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Call it the Limbaugh Laws. First, you immigrate to our country; you have to speak the native language. You have to be a professional or an investor. No unskilled workers allowed. If you’re in our country, you cannot be a burden to taxpayers. You are not entitled to welfare, or food stamps, or other government goodies. You can come if you invest here.


Many people say that the migrants are coming here to take our welfare, to live in welfare, and that’s not true. They come to work. They like to work. People who don’t like to work, they don’t move from their own country. They stay there. Maybe, you know, begging or whatever, but they don’t come to work. It’s difficult for families, because right now, for instance, people who were raided, they were deported or they are in jail. They are still in jail. These people live in fear because they don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Most of the Republicans, they don’t offer any solution. And I think right now even agreeing that this is a hot problem and it is a complex problem, complex issue, we have to face it, because if they say no amnesty, but very, very soon we’ll have anarchy. Those who provide some kind of hope of solution of this problem, they will get the Hispanic vote.

PALEVSKY: This is a very important issue facing the US. And the Hispanic population, as you said, gave this town life, it gave this town a vibrant economy, right?

CARBAJAL: Yeah, that’s true, that’s true. And many business people, they say, no, we need these people here. We have to do something.


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Sam Carbajal is the Migrant Education Program Coordinator for the Marshalltown, Iowa, school district. Prior to that, he was Hispanic Outreach Worker for Youth & Shelter Services in Marshall County. He and his wife worked at the Swift & Company meat packing plant in Marshalltown when they first moved to Iowa in 1995.