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Paul Jay concludes our election night coverage with a promise to our viewers to be a platform for movements trying to organize

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PAUL JAY, TRNN: As I said earlier, I don’t think there’s a party more responsible, assuming you’re not happy about Trump’s victory, if you are then I’m surprised you’re watching us. But for other people who are not so happy and we’ve talked about the policies of the Clinton administration, of course Bush and the continuation of the economic policies of the Obama administration. I think it’s primarily the economic policies that are responsible for this. She asked Trump’s language of noninterventionism in foreign affairs certainly appealed to people. But it was fundamentally the shifting of even more vast amounts of wealth into fewer and fewer hands that created this condition and the promises of Donald Trump I think by any objected measure will not alleviate those problems for people but as one of our guests said earlier, this is like sticking up a finger, excuse me. This is just we don’t believe any of you and we kind of don’t believe Trump either but we’re going to just stick our finger up because we don’t know what else to do here. The xenophobia, the racism, all of this we’ve seen before in history. There’s nothing new about blaming the other, blaming minorities. There’s certainly nothing new in American history about this. We’re going to be opening up a restaurant in the Real News building called Ida B.’s table and it’s named after Ida B. Wells who was a very courageous journalist, investigative journalist, African American woman who exposed systemic lynching. One of the things in her investigation she exposed was that when unemployment went up amongst white workers, lynchings went up. And that it wasn’t just anger from white workers, that it was being deliberately organized by employers to let white workers vent by going out and lynching black workers. So there’s nothing new in what we’re seeing here. But as dismal as this all might look for progressive people and I personally do think this is not the best of scenarios that could have happened tonight. There is also something here which is that the economic situation is smoke and mirrors. The economic recovery is false as far as any serious economist I’ve talked to. The federal bank threw tons of money at banks to make them look solvent. But the real bottom line of the economy is that demand low wages have hardly moved at all. Real demand is extremely low and it’s going to get lower. Trump’s policies are far from what he promised, are not going to increase jobs. Certainly, not going to increase worker’s wages which means the recession is likely to deepen here. The geopolitical threat in spite of Trump’s talk, I don’t personally believe it. I said personally in the broadcast I think it’s going to be more of a Cheney situation with very aggressive foreign policy by Pence. Pence’s critique of Clinton is she was weak on Russia. Pence and Trump have talked about we’re going to put an end to ISIS. They’ve talked about bombings at a great scale. But Pence is as provocative with Russia as Clinton is. We’ll see. The number one problem we’re all facing here, the really deep crisis and perhaps the most dangerous thing about what happened tonight is that we are now going to have a congress and a president that don’t believe human caused climate change is real. If there was ever a time for all of these movements, whether it’s black lives matter, whether it’s climate change and whether it’s workers fighting for rights. If it was ever a time for all of these movements to converge, merge, and not just take to the streets but work on various kind of electoral strategies and mass organizing, clearly it’s now. At the Real News we hope to be a platform for discussing and debating what comes next and we’ve done some of that tonight. We’re going to continue. And let me once again stress the importance of the climate change issue which got almost no discussion whatsoever in this presidential election. We have a new film out called the Koch Brothers war on climate science. Well, Koch Brothers are going to get their way for the next two years until 2018 and maybe beyond. It’s a very dangerous time. Very dangerous moment. But we humans have seen very dangerous times before. Whether it’s before leading into the first world war before leading into the second world war. I say that with some meaning because we discussed a little bit earlier that there’s going to be an I think disillusionment here of Trump supporters where their lives just don’t get better. It doesn’t matter that we know what is really coming down the pike here. Given this Trump-Pence alliance and Pence’s connection with Karl Rove and the global agenda of these people, and it’s not just these people because certainly democrats do the same thing. But the answer they have in these situations is war. And we need to be very aware of this and on guard for this. So, we hope on the Real News that we will obviously be following all of this and we hope you will join us. So, thanks for sticking with us tonight and we’ll be back tomorrow to talk about the post-election fall out and as I said we will be a platform in terms of everyone discussing what needs to be done and what needs to be done next. Thanks for joining us on the Real News Network.


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