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Eddie Conway is a former political prisoner and the executive producer of Rattling the Bars. He needs your help to examine whether or not incarceration makes communities safer

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EDDIE CONWAY: I’m Eddie Conway. I’m an executive producer and a reporter at The Real News Network. I’m a former member of the Black Panther Party and a former political prisoner. I spent 44 years in the prison system, but I never stopped organizing. Now I produce a show called Rattling the Bars that examines the impact of the prison industrial complex on prisoners, on their families, on the community at large. One of the fastest growing prison populations is black women.
OLINDA MOYD: It’s just a significant impact when a woman goes to prison. They leave behind children that are sometimes … their family is not able to care for them.
ETTA MYERS: If I’m free, then give me the freedom that I deserve.
After serving 40 years, I’m the only woman that was let out under the Unger Case. However, I’m here to advocate for women and men in the entire state, all over the world, because we matter.
EDDIE CONWAY: I examine the question of whether or not the prison industrial complex makes communities safer.
ACTIVIST: The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution is a reminder that America’s slave and racist origin is alive and striving in a way that white supremacy lay claim to the principles of freedom and democracy.
EDDIE CONWAY: We need solutions to systems that dehumanize human beings, and those solutions start with the real news. The Real News Network is an independent news network that don’t accept government funding, corporate funding, or advertisement. We are raising money for our end-of-the-year funding campaign and we need your help to make real news.

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