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Kevin Moore talks to TRNN’s Eddie Conway from Gilmor Homes

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KEVIN MOORE, WITNESS TO FREDDIE GRAY’S ARREST: Me, I’m Kevin Moore. I filmed that video. And when I first filmed it I’m thinking, we’re about to get railroaded again. Even just the loss of another brother, another person that we love dearly, you see what I’m saying? I just felt like it wasn’t–it wasn’t going to be, not justice. You know what I mean? And then Marilyn Mosby come in, and she’s locking it down, dude. They talk about, we’re free. We ain’t free. Look around you. This is not freedom for us. This is like another jail, man. You understand what I’m talking about? We’re fighting for freedom, and I see it can happen. Because it’ll keep on happening. And we’re gonna keep on fighting.

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