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TRNN speaks to activists at the DNC who had their credentials taken by police. One said he was assaulted by someone while protesting during the convention

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KWAME ROSE, TRNN: There’s an arrest happening right now. The police have–someone is on the ground, here. Tell us what’s going on, and tell us what’s happening right now. SPEAKER: We just wanted to give a message to Secretary Clinton that if she’s elected, she needs to pass fundamental democracy reform in the first 100 days of the new administration. ROSE: There’s an arrest happening right here. Sir, tell us what just happened, why the police are [inaud.]. SPEAKER: I was right there trying to watch it, and the guy stepped in front of me and then punched me [in the back] . ROSE: What’s your name? SPEAKER: My name is Nigel [inaud.]. ROSE: Tell me, tell me why the police have you in custody and not the Hillary supporter who [inaud.]. SPEAKER: I have no idea why they have me. ROSE: You think it’s because you’re a black man, and–. SPEAKER: I don’t want to put–I don’t want to put nothing in [inaud.]. ROSE: Of all the people who are out there protesting, the Bernie supporters, you’re the only person we’ve seen being followed by police, being manhandled by police like that. SPEAKER: Only one who–I got attacked. I thought this would happen only at Trump rallies, but I guess that’s not the only place it happens at. ROSE: Why are you protesting? Obviously you’re shaken up. Why are you here still supporting Bernie Sanders? SPEAKER: I’m not here just for Bernie Sanders. It wasn’t about Bernie. This wasn’t about Bernie. What this was about was simply requesting that Hillary Clinton just make a [inaud.] for the first 100 days when she’s in office to simply say that she’s going to change the system, that’s it. ROSE: There were mass arrests last night. Some people say at this point you’re just provoking Hillary Clinton supporters. What do you say to those critics? SPEAKER: We say that they need to hold her accountable, too. They need to push her. Does anybody believe that without a fight that Hillary’s going to deliver the fundamental democracy reform that we need to get big money out of politics, to restore the right to vote? That she’s going to overturn Citizens United and create public funding of elections without a movement that’s holding her accountable? We need that movement. That’s what we’re building here through non-violent action. This is unacceptable, what they did to Nigel. ROSE: They just took your credentials for you getting attacked. SPEAKER: Yeah, I got pushed, and then my credentials were taken. ROSE: The police are now forcibly grabbing people’s credentials. SPEAKER: –Hillary Clinton pledge that she’ll pass fundamental democracy reform in the first 100 days of the new administration. That means public financing of elections, overturning Citizens United, and restoring and protecting voting rights. ROSE: But why did the police come and grab you all out of the crowd if you all say you were pushed? SPEAKER: I mean, we were disrupting. The police are going to come to that. What’s unacceptable is what they did to Nigel. Or what it was, was it–I don’t know whether it was the police or another person that hurt him. But that’s unacceptable. And you know, look at me, look at him. He’s the one that was punched, so.


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