In part two of our interview with Danny Glover, Danny explains why he has made the decision that so many celebrities have not in being politically active. He explains how it was not a decision he made after becoming famous, but rather part of who he has always been, above and beyond his career. Danny outlines some of his history of activism and highlights a few of the moments in which he put himself and/or his career at risk, including his participation in the 1969 student’s strike in San Francisco that landed him in prison and his vocal opposition to the Iraq war.

You can find a timeline of the San Francisco State strike here:

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Danny Glover combines his acting career with a dedication to the common good. He is well-known for his film and television works, including the Lethal Weapon series, Beloved, To Sleep with Anger, and Freedom Song. He serves as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations, works on behalf of AIDS victims in the U.S. and Africa, and helps a wide range of organizations advance the causes of civil rights and economic justice.