This week’s top comments refer to Obama’s Labor Day speech and his recent jobs plan announcement.

On our website, Truth Wizardly responds to Paul Jay’s interview with Frank Hammer about Obama’sabandonement of a Detroit green machine. TW writes:

“What is completely shocking is how quickly, after three years of complete abandonment of the cause of labor, big organized labor has thrown its weight behind his re-election.  The message organized labor is sending to Obama, big finance and big business is clear: go ahead, strip the workers of all of their rights to collective bargaining, to strike and to share in the massive profits of big business. . .No worries. . .we’ll throw our clout behind you anyway.  The losses of organized labor under Obama will take generations to regain if they ever can be regained.

 The biggest question in this interview was, “who else do people vote for”?  Isn’t it clear? Obama’s political handlers knew from the start that left and moderate voters would have nowhere else to go. …

… The 2012 election reminds me of that sick horror film, “Saw.” Do we slice off our leg and vote for Obama or do we do nothing and die when the militant right votes in a Perry or Bachmann?”

On Facebook, Vashti Brenda Fletchall responded to Bob Pollin’s analysis of Obama’s jobs plan.

“The American Jobs Plan seems to be a cobbled together set of status quo bits favored by various power-brokers. It’s like a box of bandaids to cover over a whole lot of ills when we’re in need of a radical structure change. Hopefully i’m seeing this all wrong. Hopefully this cobbled together offering is more of a mindset shift than I’m perceiving. Please show me how this Plan really does change our economic/finance structure towards a healthier way of being in the world.”

Daniel E Pritchard tweets in response to the same story:

“Obama’s jobs plan sounds like “motherhood & apple pie,” but its tax cuts threaten Social Security”

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