Brazil on Fire

In the lead-up to the high-stakes national elections on Oct. 2, Latin America-based journalist Michael Fox takes listeners on a journey to understand Brazil’s turn toward fascism under President Jair Bolsonaro—and how the US helped push it along—in this special podcast series.

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Brazil on Fire: Elections update with BrasilWire’s Brian Mier

The first round in Brazil’s elections did not secure the presidency for Lula, and showed greater support for Bolsonaro than many expected. Both campaigns are now in a race to win over remaining voters ahead of the Oct. 30 runoff.

Lula vs Bolsonaro: Countdown to Brazil’s elections

Brazil’s elections are set to begin this Sunday, Oct. 2. TRNN Editor-in-Chief Maximillian Alvarez and ‘Brazil on Fire’ host Michael Fox discuss what’s at stake for the country’s future.


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