Art for the End Times

We’re going to address how we talk and how we think about art and culture, especially at this time when it feels like maybe the world is ending.

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Latest Episode

Who gets to come of age in America?

In the newest installment of Art for the End Times, Lyta Gold talks with writer Bertrand Cooper about the ways visible/invisible class barriers shape coming-of-age narratives in US pop culture.

Recent episodes

Merry Christmas, ya tacky animal!

In this holiday edition of Art for the End Times, Lyta Gold and Maximillian Alvarez talk with author Rax King about tackiness, the politics of snobbery, and the true meaning of Christmas (it’s corny Hallmark movies).

Help! I married a Maw-mouth

In the newest episode of Art for the End Times, host Lyta Gold convenes a lively panel to discuss Naomi Novik’s Scholomance novels—basically an anti-Harry-Potter dark fantasy series where kids get eaten.

Reading Lord of the Rings in the end times

In the inaugural episode of her new TRNN podcast Art for the End Times, Lyta Gold talks with journalist and researcher Talia Lavin about the enduring cultural relevance of, and heated political battles over, JRR Tolkien’s fantasy masterpiece.