By Zain Raza / acTVism.

acTVism Editorial Pick: “North Korea is Not an Existential Threat”

In this interview the Senior Editor of the Real News Network Paul Jay has in depth discussion about North Korea with Larry Wilkerson. Laryy Wilkerson is a distinguished Adjunct Professor of Government and Public Policy and his last positions in government were as Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff (2002-05), Associate Director of the State Department’s Policy Planning staff under the directorship of Ambassador Richard N. Haass, and member of that staff responsible for East Asia and the Pacific, political-military and legislative affairs (2001-02). For more on his bio, please scroll to the end of this page. Following questions are discussed in this interview:

  • What was the 1994 agreement between the United States and North Korea all about? Why did it breakdown and what lessons can be derived from that process?
  • Does North Korea pose an existential threat to the United States?
  • Is there evidence that indicates that North Korea possess nuclear capability? And why does North Korea need a nuclear weapon the first place?
  • What are the geopolitics of the region that might be influencing North Korea’s foreign policy?
  • What is China’s role in all of this?

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