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JESSICA DESVARIEUX, CAPITOL HILL CORRESPONDENT, TRNN: Hi, Real Newsies, it’s Jessica Desvarieux here in Baltimore, and it’s that time of year again where we launch our end of the year fundraising campaign. Over the years you’ve been there with us from our start in Toronto, and now in our 31,000 square foot building in Baltimore. But we need your help if we’re going to continue to grow and produce uncompromising journalism. We’ve a special holiday offer. With a monthly donation of $10 or more, you’ll get the new book from a Real News regular, Larry Wilkerson. The book is titled War Is Not About Truth, Justice, and the American Way, and the former chief of staff to Colin Powell gives us an insider’s perspective into America’s foreign policy in the 21st century. It shouldn’t be missed, and it could be a great gift for the holidays. So if you believe that there’s a need for an independent voice in the corporate media landscape, if you believe that interests of lobbyists and special interest groups need to be exposed and challenged, if you believe in the Real News, please donate. We can’t do it without you.


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