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Voices from Liberation Square in Cairo

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NAZLY HUSSEIN, IN TAHRIR SQUARE: It’s horrible. It’s horrible. We’re surrounded. And yeah, [inaudible] what’s happening is unbelievable. Unbelievable. And you guys–.

DANYA NADAR, TRNN: Tell me quickly what’s happening.

HUSSEIN: You need to put pressure on your government to stop this. People came in this morning as protesters. We were surrounded by thugs from–all the entrances and exits are surrounded by thugs. We are really surrounded. They came in as pro-Mubarak protests. And even if they are–they could be pro-Mubarak protests. We’ve been here for eight days in a peaceful non-violent demonstration. So if this is a pro-Mubarak demonstration, then this is such a shame. I’ve been here for eight days in a peaceful non-violent demonstration. If this is a pro-Mubarak demonstration, and it is the cause of all of this violence, then it is a shame. The international community must take a strong stand. We can no longer stay in middle grounds right now. It is–it’s no longer an option. The international community must come out and stop this immediately. Immediately. American taxpayers must have a say. They are contributing in my oppression, in my terrorization. This must end.


AYMAN MONGED, IN TAHRIR SQUARE: Yeah, no, there were tons of pro-Mubarak thugs who attacked Tahrir. And they threw–they first entered on horseback and camelback and they got arrested by the people, and a lot them had police ID. And then you saw from Qasr el Einy down to Tahrir tons of pro-Mubarak thugs and demonstrations. Not all thugs, but a lot of thugs among them. And there was a big, big–I wouldn’t call it a fight. It was a war happening between the people in Tahrir and the pro-Mubarak guys, who threw Molotov cocktails, who attacked with knives and swords. And here we got lots of wounded. And nobody understands what’s going on from the army. I mean, how did they let these people on horseback and donkeys and with weapons? Nobody understands what’s going on from the army. The Muslim Brotherhood allegedly–because I didn’t see this–have blocked all entrance to Tahrir. But–and the fights have broken down right now. But, yeah, nobody understands what’s going on from the army. Nobody really understood what’s going on in Tahrir, either. I mean, we have very conflicting reports from people who were there.

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