Police Torture Victims Earn Historic Reparations Deal

May 11, 2015

Chicago police torture victim Darrell Cannon and We Charge Genocide organizer Lauren Taylor discuss the $5.5 million deal and why systemic changes are still needed.

TRNN EXCLUSIVE: Former CIA Director Says “Rectal Hydration” Not Torture

April 1, 2015

TRNN Top Stories of 2105: Former CIA Director Michael Hayden tells The Real News that the rectal hydration of Guantanamo detainees was a “medical procedure”, but prominent human rights attorney Michael Ratner says this was a torture tactic used to break hunger strikes and intimidate detainees

CIA Gets Away with Torture Under the Rubric of the War on Terror

December 22, 2014

Patrick Cockburn, the author of The Jihadis Return: ISIS and The New Sunnis Uprising, says the rise of the Islamic State should compel us to question the effectiveness of torture and the War on Terror

Why Did The CIA Really Use Extreme Torture?

December 21, 2014

There is fairly good evidence that the prime motive for torture was not 9-11, says Patrick Cockburn the author of The Jihadis Return: ISIS and the New Sunni Uprising

CIA Director Brennan Retreats on Intelligence and Torture Claims

December 11, 2014

McClatchy reporter Jonathan Landay says the CIA torture report is putting political pressure on the U.S. administration, but is unlikely to lead to any criminal prosecution

CIA Torture Report Incomplete as Key Documents Remain Withheld

December 9, 2014

Investigative journalist Marcy Wheeler says the Obama administration is using the CIA to protect itself and Bush-era officials from being legally implicated in war crimes