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“The Military Council is trying to stick us between two candidates, so we’ve created a third option: boycott the elections or spoil your vote”

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This is the face that ignited Egypt’s revolution. The mangled body of Khaled Said, epitomized the nature of Egypt’s notorious security apparatus.  28 year old Said was brutally torutured to death after filming two police officers reak the benefits of a drug bust.  His death in June 2010 sparked national outrage. It culminated in the creation of the now famous “we are all khaled said” facebook pkg, which is where the January 25th uprising was announced.  

Two years after this violent murder, protesters take to the streets in commemoration of their fallen Alexandrian. 

Protesters complain Said’s killers escaped justice after a court sentenced the two police officers involved in Said’s murder to 7 years in prison.   Egypt’s reviled police force in Alexandria has long been notorious for torturing their detainees, in some cases, killing them.  Many say, the same system remains in place.   

Said is honored amongst the many other martyrs of the revolution.

In the days following Said’s murder in June of 2010, hundreds of Alexandrians lined the Mediterranean for a moment of silence honoring their slain comrade.  

Two years later, protesters commemorated Said’s death by lining Asr el Nil bridge in Cairo, where many Egyptians died fighting the police last January.

Khaled Said’s anniversary comes days before the final round of Egypt’s first Presidential election. Stuck with the choices of Mubarak’s former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq or the Muslim Brotherhood’s Dr. Morsi; many are seeking a third option. 

The “Boycott” and “spoil your vote” campaigns have gained plenty of momentum with Egyptians domestically and abroad.
In Alexandria, the boycott campaigns are intensifying.

In the midst of the calls for boycotting elections and honoring the city’s slain hero, former Nasserite presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahy diverts attention.

Alexandria gave the popular vote to Sabahy, advancing him to third place in first round of elections.  Although Sabahy is not in the runoff election, he seemed be to continuing his campaign for the presidency. 

A court ruling expected later this week could determine the future of the elections. 

48 hours before the final balloting begins, the constitutional court will announce whether an appeal filed against the so called political exclusion law stands.  

Months before the election, parliament passed the law prohibiting former regime figures of the last 10 years from serving in the future government.  When the high election council disqualified high profile contenders from running, including former spy chief omar sulieman, this man was spared (shafiq).

Ahmed Shafiq, one of Mubarak’s former men, could be removed from the runoff if the court rules against the appeal.  In which case, the elections would be cancelled, only to start the process again from scratch.

Regardless of their looming fate, Shafiq and Morsi continue to campaign vigorously in this old city.  If the court rules in favor of Shafiq, he will face-off with Morsi this weekend, competing in an election while Alexandrians continue to seek justice for the legendary khaled said.  
DANYA NADAR, for the Real News, Alexandria

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