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In the 90 days Congress has to review the Transpacific Partnership deal, organizers have planned a string of actions this week in an effort to tip the balance for mass dissent on the issue

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SPEAKER: She’s actually an alpaca. And she’s here because the TPP negatively affects family farming. SPEAKER: We’re in the middle of a gigantic march against the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP deal was finalized very recently. The text was just recently released. That means Obama has announced his intention to sign the deal. We have a 90-day review period, during which we are going to continue to escalate protests in this country and around the world. SPEAKER: As that banner says across the street, TPP equals betrayal. We expect more from this person that many of us voted for in the White House. We expect more from the Democratic party. And we are not going to be quiet about this. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Some folks think we should just withdraw and not even try to engage in trade with these countries. I disagree. We have to make sure America writes the rules of the global economy. SPEAKER: Some of the worst impacts of the WTO, which were never passed in the [inaud.] are now being slipped into these agreements. They are primarily about investor rights. We went into Morgan Stanley, one of the investors who will be benefiting from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and we took over the lobby. SPEAKER: It’s personal for me not only because I have breast cancer and I have a little boy, but also because my mother died of breast cancer when I was only eleven. Every time someone with cancer is denied one of his medicines, it means for some of them it’s a death sentence. Prices will go up and up and up, and prices will stay up because of the extra monopoly provisions of the TPP. SPEAKER: I’m from Vancouver, British Columbia. [Inaud.] is an international digital rights organization that’s been fighting the TPP for the last two years, because we know it’s going to put our internet freedoms at risk. It’s going to allow giant corporations to censor the internet. It’s going to extend our copyright terms by 20 years, keeping us away from our valuable cultural productions that we all deserve access to. And it’s going to limit our ability to connect with one another around the world. I mean, it’s really important that we recognize that the place to stop this is in the United States. I mean, this agreement has been pushed by the U.S., it’s [USTR] that’s making this agreement happen. And you know, we’re fighting in every country to stop the TPP, but it’s important to show solidarity with our allies and it’s important to be in the center of where we can really stop this. We need the U.S. to say no to this. There are millions of people here who have already said no.


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