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To mark the 100 year centenary of International Labor Organization and the 75 year anniversary of the Declaration of Philadelphia, TRNN present the full length original footage of Alain Supiot’s 2010 ILO Public Lecture, The Declaration of Philadelphia Today: Social justice versus total market.(Presentation in French; English translation provided in full length transcript)

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A full length English transcript is posted above. See pdf in the Contextual Context Box. This pdf was originally posted as Lecture Notes on the ILO home page for the featured 2010 Public Lecture by Alain Supiot. The link posted below is the original URL to that ILO homepage:—dgreports/—inst/documents/genericdocument/wcms_181426.pdf

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Alain Supiot was successively Professor of Law at the University of Poitiers and Nantes, member of the Institut Universitaire de France (2001-2012), before being elected in 2012 to the Collège de France, where he held the chair "The Social State and Globalization: A Legal Analysis of Forms of Solidarity". He founded the Nantes Institut for Advanced Study, where he is currently fellow at large, after being its Director from 2008 to 2013. Since 2017, he has served as a Member of ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work. Professor Supiot’s research focuses mainly on two complementary domains: labour law and social security and theory of law. His main books published in English are: Homo Juridicus: On the Anthropological Function of the Law, The Grandeur and Misery of the Social State, The Spirit of Philadelphia: Social Justice vs. the Total Market, Governance by Numbers. The Making of a Legal Model of Allegiance.