Venezuela: US/Canadian Attempted Coup Not About Democracy - Paul Jay (Pt1/2)

Venezuela Coverage and Analysis

February 21, 2019
Find all of our Venezuela stories here, from the current crisis to the early days of The Real News Network
The Dilemma of Israel's Joint List Party: Participate or Boycott?

The Dilemma of Israel’s Joint List Party: Participate or Boycott?

January 31, 2019

Dov Hanin was a member of the Israeli Knesset for 12 years. Upon his retirement from the Joint List party, he explains how this party formed and what lies in its future. The shrinking democratic space in the Israeli political system forces non-Zionist citizens to face a tough decision  

Class and Gender in Democratic Socialist Activism

Class and Gender in Democratic Socialist Activism

December 10, 2018

Maria Svart, National Director of Democratic Socialists of America, talks about how she got involved with DSA and how feminism and democratic socialism intersect

Inequality undermines democracy

November 23, 2018

By Anis Chowdhury and Jomo Kwame Sundaram / IPS News. SYDNEY and KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 21 2018 (IPS) – Economic inequality – involving both income and wealth concentration – has risen in nearly all world regions since the 1980s. Gross economic inequalities moderated for much of the 20th century, especially after World War Two until…

Push Public Ownership to Challenge Power of Billionaires - Q&A with Paul Jay (4/5)

The Pittsburgh Massacre

November 5, 2018
Q&A with Paul Jay

As Europe Goes Right, Some Cities Take a Different Path

August 12, 2018

At the Fearless Cities Conference, Barcelona en Comú’s Gala Pin says cities are the future of democratic governance

Israel Legislates Apartheid into Law

July 19, 2018

TRNN’s Shir Hever explains that Israel’s new Law of the Nation-State makes it impossible to pretend that Israel is a democracy. Unequal rights are recognized by the government as the essence of the state

Trump: A Symptom of a System in Decay

July 18, 2018

A live interactive Q & A session with Paul Jay, hosted by Aaron Mate about the controversies related to Trump’s meeting with Putin in Helsinki

A New Government in Ethiopia Promises Major Political Changes

June 11, 2018

Following three years of protests in Ethiopia, former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned in February and now a new government is taking over, which promises to recognize a peace treaty with Eritrea, possibly bringing a long period of tensions to an end. We speak to Glenn Ford of the Black Agenda Report about Africa’s second…

Israeli Police Brutality Reaches New Extremes Against Israeli-Palestinian Protesters

June 9, 2018
Jafar Farah, the head of the Mossawa Center for equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel, speaks to TRNN about how police shattered his knee and how what happened to him fits into more general colonial practices among the Israeli police