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By Michael Sainato

“When I stepped on this side of the barrier, I was told I had to step on the other side, and that’s indicative of what’s wrong with the Democratic Party,” Turner said during a speech in front of DNC headquarters as a security guard and barriers prevented her and Our Revolution supporters from entering the headquarters to deliver the petition. The barricades were cited as being put up in line with a fire marshall’s request due to large crowds in the area over the healthcare debate in Washington, but the barricades were exploited to serve another purpose in preventing Turner and supporters from entering the DNC building. Just one year ago, the DNC and Clinton Campaign were criticized for preventing Turner from introducing Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention, which incited backlash from Sanders delegates and prominent Sanders Surrogates like Susan Sarandon and Danny Glover.

The DNC opted to celebrate the one year anniversary of that divisive tactic by replicating it in similar fashion as Sanders Progressives tried to deliver their own platform and agenda in response to Democratic Party leadership recently unveiling a new slogan and agenda that has received criticism for being faux progressive populist and omitting important issues like climate change and fighting for labor unions. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer’s solution for worker’s rights were essentially providing tax credits to small business owners.

“You don’t treat people who have come to deliver the people’s platform, we’re not violent, we are just regular everyday citizens from all walks of life trying to have a conversation with the Democratic National Committee, but I’m feeling some type of way right now because if something like this can happen to somebody like me, imagine how other people are treated. The People’s Platform is about all people, it is about respect and dignity, we approached this building peacefully, we approached this building with respect and love. All we are trying to do is deliver the people’s platform to the DNC and put the DNC on notice.”

That People’s Platform includes Medicare for all, free college tuition, the raise the wage act for worker’s rights, automatic voter registration act, – Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH Woman) Act of 2017, a climate change bill for renewable energy, Justice is Not For Sale Act of 2017 for criminal justice reform and immigration rights, and and the Inclusive Prosperity Act to hold Wall Street accountable.

“Now when we say Medicare for all, we mean it. When we say justice for all, that’s what we mean. When we say environmental justice for all, that’s what we mean. Social justice for all that’s what we mean. Political justice for all that is what we mean, Turner added, citing the Democratic Party needs more than a fancy new slogan to reform itself, in reference to the Democratic Party agenda and slogan unveiled by party leaders earlier this week. “We need a new new deal. And we need folks who are willing to put something on the line for it. We need folks who, as Congressman Keith Ellison reminded us, a whole lot of collusion going on. And it ain’t just collusion with Russia. It’s collusion with big dollar money folks at the expense of every day Americans in this country. And if the Democrats won’t do, if the Democrats won’t do it, then who will? If the Democrats won’t do it … as my brother Smith broke it down, we gonna have to get some new folks.”

She continued, “I’m hoping that the chairman will get the message that the way we were greeted today is not the way. And we aren’t going to be seduced by donuts and water.”

YouTube video

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