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Violence and uncertainty is building in Iraq. April was the bloodiest month since September with 355 people killed and an additional 700 wounded, and things haven’t changed much in May. Wednesday’s car bomb attack in Baghdad killed or wounded over 100 people. All this is coming just 40 days before US troops are committed to withdrawing from Iraqi cities. We spoke with Jack Dolan, McClatchy correspondent in Baghdad, about the connection between the new spout of violence and the apparent betrayal of Sunni militia fighters at the hands of the US and Iraqi governments. The fighters, who’s alliance with the US is believed to be largely responsible for the decrease in violence over the past two years, were promised jobs inside the Iraqi government security forces. But while some have been given that opportunity, others are being targeted for repression.

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Jack Dolan is a McClatchy Newspapers' Special Correspondent, currently based in Baghdad, Iraq. He has reported for the Miami Herald since 2005, where he led an award winning team in their coverage of the Florida mortgage crisis.