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In our final First Nations Friday, we discuss the ongoing protests at Trump’s U.S./Mexico border wall, where Indigenous communities call for an end to colonial borders with our guests founding executive director of Crushing Colonialism Jen Deerinwater and Miwok journalist and community organizer Desiree Kane. We also have a special announcement about a new show coming to The Real News Network! You can watch The Real News Network’s “Burn It Down with Kim Brown” live, every Tuesday and Friday at 5:00 PM Eastern Time! To support “Burn It Down with Kim Brown” you can donate here Subscribe to Burn It Down with Kim Brown as a podcast on: Apple Podcasts Google Podcast and Spotify Make sure to follow us on Twitter @TheRealNews and like us on Facebook at The Real News Network!

Studio: Dwayne Gladden
Production: Taylor Hebden, Genevieve Montinar

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